Pandemonium Home Decor Section


Welcome to our home decor section inside Pandemonium Boutique in Babylon Village.


Pandemonium Boutique is a unique Lifestyle and Women's Clothing Boutique.  


When Pandemonium Boutique approached us with the lack of home decor available in Babylon Village and the possibility of a collaboration we could not pass up the opportunity.

Our home decor section inside Pandemonium is filled with furniture, wall decor, trays, tray decor, gift ideas, florals, candles are more. We make weekly deliveries of new items to our home decor section inside Pandemonium to keep the space fresh and exciting. The items in Pandemonium change seasonally and cover most holidays as well. We are so happy to call Pandemonium home for the time being and extend our reach on Long Island.

We admire Pandemonium’s bold colors and whimsical patterns. Our home decor section will be composed of light, airy and boho inspired farmhouse decor. Now, at Pandemonium, you will not only be able to LOOK your best but make your HOME feel its best as well. We hope you enjoy our collaboration!


Pandemonium Boutique is located 220 Deer Park Avenue Babylon NY, 13 miles from both our Bellmore locations.