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Home Styling Services

Whether you'd like to enhance an existing space or create an entirely new look, our design team can help you create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style on a budget tailored specifically to your needs.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Meet Our Team

    Meet with our team on-site to go over your budget + overall design objectives.

  • 2. The Proposal

    Our creative team provides proposal customized to fit your needs, including furnishings, pricing + timeline.

  • 3. Installation

    Our creative team + crew install all furniture + decor, delivering your curated approved design

What we offer:

In our Design Services, we offer

Styling & Refinement Packages

Interior / Exterior Painting

Faux Brick / Stone Painting

Hand Painted / Stained Furniture

Custom Built Wood Furniture

In-Person In-Home Styling

During your in-home in-styling consultation we will discuss the size and scope of your project based upon your interior styling goals.

Together, we will walk through your home, take photos, write down measurements and discuss the vision for your space.

Then, we will head back to the store and provide you with images of home decor, furniture, light fixtures and more to begin piecing together your dream home.

We have the ability to source necessary pieces, furniture, light fixtures and décor to bring your vision to life.

An In-Home Styling consultation visit costs $300.


In-Store Home Styling Service

Email us to schedule a 30 minute in-store consultation. In-store we will review images of your home and make suggestions based on your interior styling goals.

An In-Home Styling Consultation is free.


Paint Selection Package

Let us help tackle the paint selection process fir your home. We know that selecting the right paint for your home can be hard - we can help bring our paint selection expertise to you via email or in-store.

What's included?

• Fill out our Paint Selection

Questionnaire to begin

• Paint selection for up to 3 spaces in your home's interior

• Two-color scheme options for each space

Fee: $300 for 3 spaces


Our Work

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