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In 2019 the corner storefront became available on the block where our original store “Urban Farmhouse Décor” resides. With the desire to expand our business and a different style of farmhouse in mind, Urban Farmhouse Furnishings was born.

Urban Farmhouse Furnishings holds the majority of our furniture pieces, larger wall pieces, light fixtures, chandeliers and textured items like pillows and blankets. Urban Farmhouse Furnishings is where we run our “in-home styling” and custom furniture building services. We like to think about Urban Farmhouse Furnishings as “our vision”. Here is where we bring everything together. Here is where we can help your house become a home.

Urban Farmhouse Furnishings is about mixing styles. Our shop has farmhouse elements like rustic wood but also lots of neutral tones, curvy chandeliers, and unexpected color. We are looking to assist our clients create a collected home that isn’t too matchy.

We have higher end pieces that clients will want to splurge on. We find that these pieces can help set the tone for an entire room. We also provide other furnishings that will allow our clients to remain within budget when looking to complete their re-design or renovation.

It’s always noteworthy when a home mixes together multiple design styles, and does it well. If you’re not one for a single style, like farmhouse, incorporating boho and coastal is an opportunity to present eclectic, and striking décor.

Urban Farmhouse Furnishings: 112 Bedford Avenue Bellmore NY, 11710