2019: A Year In Review

2019: A Year In Review


2019 A Year In Review

2019 was an incredible year for the Urban Farmhouse. So much happened it is almost hard to put pen to paper to capture it all. When we sit and think about 2019 one word comes to mind, growth. The growth the Urban Farmhouse had in 2019 is unmeasurable. We truly could go on for pages and pages about 2019. Feeling humbled, blessed and thankful follow us along for this recap of 2019 at the Urban Farmhouse.




In 2019 Urban Farmhouse Market was born. At the end of 2018 we had made up our minds we were going to open a second location called Urban Farmhouse Furnishings. We were out growing our store in Bellmore and wanted to offer MORE to our customers. With times, décor and farmhouse itself changing we wanted to offer a different variation of farmhouse. Urban Farmhouse Furnishings is light, airy, cottage, boho and neutral. It is filled with antique furniture, custom furniture, chandeliers, clocks, mirrors, vases, trays, pillows, throws and MORE.. everything you need to furnish your house to make it feel like a home.

Urban Farmhouse Bellmore our original location is traditional farmhouse with lots of everyday décor, painted pieces and handmade crafts. Urban Farmhouse Market is the fusion of our two stores.

Urban Farmhouse Market is also the name of our website AND our home décor sections inside Thred and Pandemonium.  Urban Farmhouse Market brings the Urban Farmhouse and Urban Farmhouse Furnishings together.

The creation of Urban Farmhouse Market would not be possible without Kait Fontenot. Not only did Kait completely build our beautiful website…. she helped us create our new logos and gave us direction. Kait was so hands on and understood the values of the Urban Farmhouse. The Urban Farmhouse became hers and she became part of the family. We truly cannot sing Kait’s praises enough. If you are looking to build a website, develop a website, or creative direction Kait is your girl. Everything you see on urbanfarmhousemarket.com would not be possible without Kait.




Urban Farmhouse Furnishings opens. Our second location (two doors down from our original location) is truly our creative vision. What’s behind the name “furnishings”?


The definition of furnishings

  1. furniture, fittings, and other decorative accessories, such as curtains and carpets, for a house or room.
  2. the action of decorating a house or room and providing it with furniture and fittings.


We created Urban Farmhouse Furnishings so that when you walk in you could feel and see certain areas of your home styled this way. We offer so much more than furniture, we offer everything you need to furnish your home. Light fixtures, mirrors, lamps, pillows, throws, décor and more. It is light, airy and neutral. We are able to showcase our love for antiques in this space as well. Each store has a vision, Urban Farmhouse Furnishings is new and still evolving but we are excited to see where this store takes us.




Urbanfarmhousemarket.com launches. Kait Fontenot built our beautiful website which we will be forever grateful for. Our website is a place for people near and far to shop online. We offer in-store pick up for local customers and domestic shipping throughout the US. We have had the request for international shipping to countries such as Canada, Australia and England to name a few and hope international shipping will come to fruition in 2020! On our website you can learn about our in-home styling services and read about our happenings in our BLOG. Like everything, our website and blog is still growing and evolving. If there is something you want to see on our website please comment below




Our Home décor section inside Thred opens. Thred is a clothing/lifestyle boutique located 29 miles from our current shops allowing us to reach a brand new audience on Long Island. We came together with our shared love for home and fashion and created an oasis where you can not only look your best but make your home feel its best! Shopping at Thred you will notice some of our items overlap but Thred has a whole line of EXCLUSIVE décor that only can only be purchased in their store. We cannot thank the owner, Merav enough for this opportunity. It has been incredible and most importantly YOU all are loving it. So.. thank you to YOU for your support.




Our Home Décor section inside Pandemonium opens. Are we crazy? Yes. But who cares… we did it! When Pandemonium Boutique approached us with the lack of home décor available in Babylon Village (New York) and the possibility of a collaboration we could not pass up the opportunity. On November 5, 2019 just in time for the holiday season we launched our home décor section inside Pandemonium called the Pandemonium Farmhouse. Our home décor section strikes a balance between The Urban Farmhouse and Pandemonium's distinct fashion collection. Our home section is composed of light, airy and boho inspired farmhouse décor. Jackie, Christine, Jen AND the ENTIRE staff of Pandemonium has been incredible. They embraced the Urban Farmhouse like we have been there forever not to mention the community’s response has been fantastic.





Our first Holiday Reveal/Ladies’ Night Out Shopping Event. I had come up with the idea for this event as a way to say THANK YOU and give back to our customers for an extremely supportive year. When I brought this idea to my partners they were hesitant and then we all collectively thought “will anyone even show up?”. Like everything else this year we just went for it! We posted tickets online, offered raffles/giveaways, complimentary cupcakes and champagne and hoped that at least 50 people would show up. Somehow our hopes for 50 people led to over 150 ticket sales… and then due to space restrictions we had to close down ticket sales for the event. We look forward to making this a yearly tradition. It is because of all of you that we get to live out our dream and put on events like this.



Seriously... what a year it has been. Some other notable 2019 highlights

  • We started the year with 2,000 Instagram followers and now have over 7,000 followers
  • Our posts on Instagram have collectively received over 59,000 likes!!!
  • Worked on over 20 homes on Long Island through our in-home styling services
  • Opened a second store
  • Launched a website
  • Opened two home décor sections inside two other stores
  • Are you exhausted yet??? because I am 😊

So here is to 2019, thank you for all that you brought us and all that you have taught us. Sending you all lots of love, light and happiness in 2020. May this coming year be the best year yet for ALL OF US.



The Urban Farmhouse Girls

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