A Modern Farmhouse Renovation

A Modern Farmhouse Renovation


When we first met our client Dana she mentioned that brightening up her space was one of her number one concerns. Lighting always helps set the mood and feel for a home so we knew we needed a stark contrast to give this home a new feel.



Dana asked us to work on her living room and dining room. With an open floor plan all of Dana's room flowed into one another. We knew it was important that the design we went with was aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.


Dana's dining room is located adjacent from her living room.



 We are SO pleased with the final result. We updated Dana's decor, furniture, lighting, rugs and more to create a warm and cozy oasis for our client to spend her time in.



During a home styling transformation clients may feel overwhelmed with where to start. We always ask our clients what pieces they are interested in keeping and we work from there.


Something super special and diffferent about this design job is the client Dana painted this piece of furniture on her own. How awesome?!



We came together and built these amazing bookends for ample storage and decor display. These bookends help keep Dana's decor relevant. Dana can easily swap out the current decor above seasonally or for the holidays.


We really love the mix material look on these book ends. The gray wood with metal accent gives these bookends an industrial look but keeps the room feeling warm at the same time.


In Dana's dining room we installed a shiplap wall. Shiplap accent walls can be subtle yet impactful at the same time. A shiplap wall is always eye catching when done right.



We added this large farmhouse wood chest that matches her book ends we created, installed this beautiful mix metal chandelier along with other decor pieces.



 These hand painted end tables and small gallery wall give the space a personal feel. Modern farmhouse is a combination of a sleek design with the vintage feel of older elements. We tried to incorporate the vintage feel with this hand painted piece.



Working with Dana was such a pleasure. We love bringing our client's vision to life. To learn more about our in home styling services please email urbanfarmhousemarketli@gmail.com

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