Boho Farmhouse

Boho Farmhouse


When I sit and think it is hard for me to pinpoint the exact moment farmhouse decor rose to popularity. While traditional farmhouse style may not be for everyone the farmhouse look has recently began to mix with other decor styles to keep things fresh and relevant. One of my personal favorite variations of the farmhouse aesthetic is Boho Farmhouse.

Boho or Bohemian Farmhouse is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items one of a kind type items. One thing I love about Boho Farmhouse is that no two Boho Farmhouses are the same. These homes may be similar in taste but there are so many directions to go to make this style truly your own. We have a Boho section in Urban Farmhouse Furnishings (that I hope to expand) but here If you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Boho might be for you.



When thinking of a color scheme warm and earthy colors are common but you also have the ability to incorporate metallic and jewel tone colors well. With Boho you can mix patterns and textures, don't be afraid to try colors and fabrics that necessarily wouldn't  go together in a conventional way. You can use neutral colors as your base but then fiery reds, yellow and oranges help make something pop.



Right now I am loving beaded chandeliers. A twist on the traditional chandelier, beaded chandelier mix the details of metal with the appearance of natural raw wood. Their unique design allows them to fit flawlessly in eclectic interiors. Picture-perfect for just about any room in the house a beaded chandelier casts a warm glow over any space.



Bohemian Furniture isn't necessarily found in just any store. The best thing about boho furniture is this furniture is collected over time. Yes, second hand and vintage items will fit in right at home with this type of decor. Most importantly boho furniture has a story to tell. If you love a specific piece then it will fit right in. You can also try playing with different pattern throws and floor seating like the poufs featured above.


Our inventory is every changing and I, personally am always on the hunt for new boho items. Stop by soon and see what new unique piece can help you add that boho flare to your home.

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