Camp Courtney

Camp Courtney


I try not be biased on homes that we work on but I swear this home will always have a special place in my heart. I think it may be because it was one of the very first homes that I worked on and I just totally fell in love with this house.



When we first met Courtney she expressed there were a few areas in her home that needed some love and attention. She had this pre-exisitng buffet that she wanted to keep and incorporate to her new dining room design.



For her front entryway she was looking for a console and decor to help give her grand entryway a warm and welcoming feel.



At the back entrance to her home which leads to the yard Courtney had an old antique cabinet. Although Courtney loved the piece she just felt it didn't make sense there and wanted something smaller so it was easier to get out of the back door.



This is a shot from the front entryway to the back door after the antique piece was removed. Since the front door and the back door are in the same hallway and we were working on both we knew that the decor needed to flow together.



We are so pleased with the final product in Courtney's dining room. This large mirror makes such a statement in our store we knew that it would happily find its new home in Courtney's dining room. We decided to add two mirrored sconces on either side to give the room a romantic feel at night. (Decor was eventually added to the buffet and can be seen in the last picture of this blog!)



For the front entryway we added this mixed metal console. The wood and metal work together perfectly and give the entryway some character. We styled the entire console with decor from our shops that can be found online as well!



Once the antique cabinet was removed near Courtney's back entryway we added this unique bench. As Courtney has young boys always eager to go outside we gave her this bench with wood storage bins built in to hide shoes, games and more to keep the space looking elegant. 



We added a pillow and throw to soften up the bench as well as these four floral black and white prints on the wall.



Courtney's bedroom needed a little attention as well so we added a few small decor pieces to really make this room pop!



How stunning does this room look at night?! We were so happy to make this house a home. To learn more about our in-home styling services please email 

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