Christina's Living Room

Christina's Living Room


When we first met Christina she expressed her family room was lacking decor. Christina was looking to make her space flow. She was no longer happy with her rug, pillows and was  looking for us to create the base of a simple gallery wall that she could add to over time.



We decided to downsize Christina's rug. The rug she had before was too large for the space and overbearing. We went with a much smaller rug with a brighter boho pattern to pick up on the color of couch.

Additionally as the room is so bright and beautiful to begin with we selected gray pillows vs the neutral she already had in place.



Starting Christina's gallery wall for her was so fun. Gallery walls by nature give major visual impact because of their scale and the amount of decor used. You can keep the look of your gallery wall feeling light, bright, and airy by going with a neutral color palette and keeping the surrounding furniture and accessories minimalistic.



Just look at the way the sun hits this beautiful living room. We were so happy to give Christina a great base to work with in years to come! Need some special touches in your living room? Send us an email 

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