Farmhouse Tray Styling

Farmhouse Tray Styling


Two of my favorite things are organizing and making things pretty. As the seasons change and so does your decor one way of organizing your items is by using a tray. I have found that using a tray is the perfect way to gather a grouping of pretty and practical items to freshen up decor.



One of my favorite things about styling and using a tray for decor is that it is portable. You can set up your tray on a kitchen table, hutch, buffet coffee table and more. Portable decor is the best because you can move your decor precisely where you want it to go as the seasons change or you host guests. 



Some things to think about when creating your tray is adding a variety of items with different heights. Adding little pedestals to elevate your decor is also a great option. I think it is also important to add texture. Adding faux florals, greenery and topiaries are a great option when looking to add some dimension to your tray. Also your textures can change with the season.




Want even more farmhouse tray inspiration? Feel free to message us some of the items you are looking to purchase and we are happy to guide you in your tray styling journey.

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