In-home styling: Farmhouse Kitchen

In-home styling: Farmhouse Kitchen


It has been said the kitchen is the heart ❤️ of the home. In our most recent in-home styling project we helped bring some warmth to this beautiful kitchen.





Our client had just moved in to this beautiful home but wanted the space to feel lived in. Our client had numerous beautiful antiques she wanted to incorporate in to the space but wanted to bring the kitchen in to the present. We had a great base to work with. We added new chandeliers and incorporated new and old decor to give this space the "lived in" feel our client wanted.




We installed 3 seperate chandeliers in this kitchen, two over the island and one of the kitchen sink. Like a true, authentic farmhouse kitchen the decor of this kitchen is comprised of new, vintage and antique decor. So many pretty well loved items are displayed in this kitchen for all guests to enjoy.






Our client wanted lots of greenery, florals and handmade signs to warm up her kitchen. We worked to compliment our client’s timeless antiques into her design. We also worked with an amazing local sign maker who handmade all of these beautiful kitchen signs.



Working to make this kitchen warm and cozy was so much fun. 🏡 send us an email 📧 today to begin working on your home



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