Liz's Farmhouse

Liz's Farmhouse


We believe that homes should reflect those who live, work and play within. Upon entering Liz's home she expressed the decor she had and wanted to stay along with her needs.



Liz wanted to keep her teal colored rug. Sometimes a pop of color can scare people away when it comes to decorating. Incorporating bold colors can't come with risk as you might fall out of love with the color in years to come. A great rule when using color is to use colors on items that you can transition out like rugs, pillows and window treatments.



Liz also wanted a gallery wall. Creating a gallery wall is a simple way to bring style and personality to any room without paint or wallpaper. The items on a gallery wall can always be transitioned in and out. To us, gallery walls are the perfect way to add personal touches to any space.



Liz asked us for some farmhouse touches in her kitchen as well. With a great neutral pallet and beautiful wood table to work with we had many options when it came to helping style this space.



We are SO pleased with the final result. We were able to incorporate Liz's rug by adding lots of neutral elements to the space. We also added teal wall planters on the wall to help pick up the color of the rug. Yellow and teal compliment one another perfectly so we added yellow flowers and tulips around the space to bring it all together.



Liz's centerpiece is neutral and minimalistic. When styling a tray you want to keep it clean and simple. Adding florals are always a good idea as they can be swapped out as the seasons change keeping your decor relevant. Also adding decor with different heights is key when tray styling.



 To us, the most inspiring walls are those that mix a variety of artworks and textures. It is also noteworthy to mix in personal touches like family photos. A gallery wall should look and feel collected. Feel free to stop in the shop with images of your space and we can help you begin working on your gallery wall!



When it came to the kitchen our mentality was less is more. The crisp clean lines on the face of the clock play off the pattern on the wall planters. The florals and greens can be changed to keep your decor new and exciting.



Liz asked for a statement piece on one of her walls and we decided these distressed rustic arches. These arches help add a reclaimed accent to Liz's home. Crafted from wood, these pieces mimic the look of an arched window pane. The distressed paint finish reveals the neutral wood tone beneath.


We also LOVE working with decor you already have. Photos and decor of your own have a history that we believe is important when styling your home. We are happy to incorporate anything that has meaning to you!



Working on Liz's home with many of her existing pieces was such a delight. To learn more about our in home styling services click here

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