Marybeth's Home Part I

Marybeth's Home Part I


Marybeth reached out to us to work on a few rooms of her home. Marybeth wanted to go with a minimalistic approach when it came to her decor. Minimalism is the art of decorating with less. Many people can argue minimalistic decor should be easy to pull off. 



Of course, the effortless look is not so easy to execute. A great degree of thought is involved in creating an environment that feels warm and inviting rather than cold. Marybeth's formal sitting room was a blank canvas. Marybeth knew the style she wanted but needed help tying it all together. The space has beautiful natural lighting with big grand windows. Marybeth wanted a soft color pallet and wanted the space to be functional where numerous people are able to sit.



We kept Marybeth's couch and ottoman and brought in the rest. Ottomans are great when decorating and play double duty -- certain ottomans can be used for storage and make it easy to tuck away clutter and stay organized.

As the room has a light color paint we decided to play up patterns. If you’re going neutral with color, consider adding to your space with a variety of patterns, which will make the space more layered.



When decorating, some people worry about filling every inch of surface and wall space. Minimalism is proof that blank spaces can be just as impactful as those that are occupied. It allows for the decor that you do select to make a statement and stand out.



Check out the way the natural light hits this space! To keep your space from feeling too cold, be sure to let in as much natural light as possible. The natural light really allows the paint color on the walls to warm up the space. 



Next was Marybeth's living room. Marybeth has a beautiful fireplace and mantle. When it comes to minimalistic decor it is important to let your beautiful architecture shine!



We decided to go with our popular octagon shelves. These shelves can be filled with as much or as little decor you want. We also love that the decor on these shelves can be switched out throughout the holiday or seasons. We also added live edge benches to give ample seating with Marybeth's large family. Again, we kept the design clean and modern and are so happy with the finished results.



To keep with the goal of Marybeth's minimalistic design goals we cut down on clutter, played up the neutral color palette and beautiful architecture in Marybeth's home. Next we are going to work on Marybeth's dining room. Stay tuned for Marybeth's dining room transformation. 

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