Marybeth's Home Part II

Marybeth's Home Part II


In our last blog post we revealed Marybeth's beautiful formal sitting room and living room. We were honored to also work on her dining room. Above is the beautiful finished product. We wanted Marybeth's dining room to feel farmhouse inspired yet clean and simple. Below is where he began...



Marybeth's dining room was in need of decor. The space had a beautiful coat of neutral paint. The dining table and light fixture were two items that remained. Marybeth's dining room wall in a big focal point in the space we wanted to give this wall and elegant modern farmhouse feel.




Marybeth had a big beautiful black wood hutch. However Marybeth wasn't sure exactly where to start and what items to display. How you display your items will add charm to your room's decor. We worked with Marybeth to source items to help style her hutch.



Lastly adjacent from Marybeth's hutch and in her dining room, Marybeth had this wall that she wasn't quite sure what to do with.



For Marybeth's large empty wall we decided on a beautiful black sleek mirror and paired it with our popular botanical prints. These prints can work well in so many rooms of the home but they truly added charm and elegance to this space. We also added a black grain sack table runner and fresh flowers for a pop of color.



Deciding on how to decorate your hutch can be intimidating however here are some items we always recommend to get a real farmhouse feel 

  • bowls, pitchers, platters, creamers
  • baskets
  • scales
  • vintage items
  • dried flowers 
  • linens 
  • signs
  • greenery** one of our personal favorites 
  • china/dishes



When decorating a hutch it is also nice to mix styles like refined and rustic. The vintage reproduction pots and china we used add a sense of refinment where the Main Street general store sign adds a rustic touch. Mixing styles tends to do well when executed properly.



For Marybeth's empty wall we decided to build this small simple gallery wall. The  most inspiring gallery walls are those that mix a variety of decor. It is fun to mix different shapes, textures and then add personal mementos like family photos.  You can also look for ways to tie different pieces together, through similar colors or framing. 



Bringing this room to life was so much fun. We executed the client's vision and she was so happy with the final product. To learn more about our in-home styling services please email 

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