New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block


Urban Farmhouse Furnishings is now open in the town of Bellmore (two stores down from our original Urban Farmhouse Decor location) making us the newest kids on the block. How we came up with the idea and vision for this store will be told at a later date. However, today we wanted to share how we turned a once architect and consulting office to the home of Urban Farmhouse Furnishings.


Upon fulling gutting the space AND in-between some blood, sweat, tears‚ and some more tears we were left the below. The space had concrete floors, a tin ceiling (which we painted straight away) severely discolored brick, and blue and yellow sheet rock. Sounds like a dream, right? Well if this experience has taught us anything is that the construction process takes trust, vision and an amazing carpenter...



We wanted the space to have a farmhouse atmosphere but not feel too rustic. We decided to cover the metal coated windows with pieces of broken-down pallet wood. When removing the sheetrock around the front door we found some amazing brick that we left in its original condition. The wall on the far right covered in blue and yellow sheet rock, we decided to completely cover in shiplap wood and gave it a quick coat of white paint. Interested in shiplap installation for your home? Send us a message, we have a guy!


The wall on the far left had discolored brick that we decided to white wash to brighten up the space. We left a portion of that wall covered in the original lath wood to give the shop texture and some dimension. The wall in the far back we decided to build on our own and eventually covered the top part of that wall with old windows to add some character and charm.



We purchased the pine wood to lay the floor and after much debate settled on a natural, raw stain. We wanted the space to feel light and airy. We loved the fact the store is on a corner and has 6 windows that allow the daylight to pour in from different directions so we removed all of the blinds.



To say we are happy with the final product is a complete understatement. We LOVE IT! The space is exactly as we envisioned light, airy, crisp and clean. We had an AMAZING team work all around the clock to bring our vision to life to whom we are forever grateful. The next time you are in Bellmore stop in Urban Farmhouse Furnishings to see the final product.

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