Refined to Rustic

Refined to Rustic


When most people hear the word "rustic" the automatically associate the term to mean country. To us rustic means adding texture or different elements of texture to a space. Upon entering Lori's beautifully newly renovated home we had a lot of refined elements to work with but needed to give this home the farmhouse feel our client desired.



Lori's beautiful formal seating room had a beautiful base for us to work with.



We also worked on Lori's family room. With two young children it was very important to Lori that the space be kid friendly and have decor that can easily be moved when it was time for her children to play.



We also worked on her upstairs landing area... (check out that bathroom tile... major swoon!)



Her children's bathroom.



And lastly her master bath. This was a big job with many different rooms to work on. We were so grateful for this opportunity and up for the challenge!



We are so pleased with the way the formal sitting room came out. This room is the perfect balance of refined and rustic. We added the blanket ladder on the far wall to give the room some texture. We added some neutral pillows to the pillows Lori already had. By added neutral pillows it was very subtle mix that allowed the two fabrics to work seamlessly.



For the mantle it was important to incorporate family photos that were already in place. We truly love working with pieces that you already have to really make a design your own. We kept Lori's mantle very refined and simple. Adding the rustic wood clock really pulls the entire look together to make it eye-catching and appealing.



In Lori's family room we tried not to be too committed to any style. Lori didn't want the pillows too neutral as this is where her children spend a lot of their time. The centerpiece on the coffee table isn't too busy and is super easy to clear away for when her children are in the room. We tried a very subtle mix and feel this look came together in perfect harmony. 



The tiles in the bathroom add a modern touch that we felt really takes this bathroom to the next level. The wall outside the bathroom was blank when we arrived. We decided on a decorative mirror in this space to play off the beautiful tile in the bathroom.



The modern look of Lori's bathroom was a great base to work with. We went with this circular wall fixture and added some rustic elements in the decor to give the room some texture.



For the master bath we followed suit. The refined look of the bathroom is perfectly accented by our rustic wood and metal shelf with some beach decor. Overall this gives the bathroom a polished and put together feel.



Pulling together two different styles can be challenging but fun. We loved working with the refined elements of Lori's home but bringing in a rustic feel to give her an elegant feel. To learn more about our in-home styling services please email us 


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